Laf Co Ltd. the first producer of cardboard tube in Iran
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Laf Joint Stock Company was registered in 1967 at Tehran companies registration and industrial property office as No. 11687. In this regard the license of factory conduction No. 2914  was issued by The ministry of Industries and Mine in 1968 with an initial capacity of an annual production of 600 tons of cardboard tubes in one shift.

After issuing licenses, studies were performed and two German made cardboard tube production machinery were imported and installed, observations took place  and authentication No.29980 was granted and the factory started to produce in 1968.

In order to implement the development plan, in 1989 the company attempted to import and install modern machinery from Germany and Italy. Hence, the production capacity increased to 1,500 tons in one shift and the operating license No. 10014478-3329 was issued and confirmed by the ministry of Industries and Mine.

The factory was redeveloped recently and fitted with eight Italian and German made production lines and also four German cardboard cut and strip conversion machinery lines and four more modern cardboard tube machinery line is ready for installation.

Initial founders were six persons and the Company’s registered capital was seven million and five hundred thousand Rials. Following the great change in shareholders and regulating a new statutes name of company was changed to “LAF joint stock Company” in 1973 and its capital was increased to twelve million and five hundred Rials.

By the approval of the shareholders in 1976 the company's name was changed to “Iran Convertor joint stock company”, however later in 1984 it was changed back to “LAF joint stock Company”. Eventually in 1996 a new statutes was regulated by partners according to which it was turned into  a “limited liability company” and was called “LAF Co. Ltd.” and it is working under this name since then. Meanwhile the company’s capital was increased twice in the past years and reached three hundred and twenty million Rials.

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